Broken Promises

December 2, 2009
My heart's become a withered
out shade,
Broken, shattered, and wasted, a
price i've paid,
You've made a promise, don't
you f***ing break it,
Burning our love, i think
you hate it.

I can't believe you could love somebody else,

You left it behind, a fate worst than death,

I can't even tell if you want to be with me,

Breaking our bond, all the possibilities.

I feel so
like i've been

Stick to your
i know you've

I'm tired of
all these
lies you're making,

All these
all these hearts
you're breaking.

I've left the one i love for you.
It's too late to find someone new.
You're the only person i am happy with.
It seems our love just doesn't exist.

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Trilby B. said...
Dec. 24, 2009 at 8:25 pm
This is really really good.I have a poem named Broken Promises,thatswhy i read this.i really like it
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