Rain is My Name

November 30, 2009
By AlexusWhite GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
AlexusWhite GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
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One of the funniest things about life is crying, it's suppose to be a sad feeling that you get when it happens. But then after you're done crying you feel like you have had someone come buy you and take you weight off your shoulders, so smile now.

Run aaway with my tears
No more pain just go away

One more drop hits the ground
Shatters only through the rain
As it falls along the way

I stand alone in the road
Close my eyes to see the rain fall
All the colcrs it will stay

Hear the wind call my name
As black runs down my face
I feel the gilt in my heart
Runs so slightly down the reast of me.

But beneth my pillow all my dreams
Tucked away for my day in the rain

All my past save and sound in the Box under my bed.
But all is not good for you are gone
But now no more pain will come
For me

Here I stand alone in the rain
I look up to see the sky cry for me


WHy did the drugs have to come for Us

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