Will Fight For Me

November 27, 2009
By Anonymous

The skins breaking loose
theyre crawling within me
the change is in the mirror
i cant break these chains
theyre trying to hold me down
But i wont kiss the ground
Maybe I tried to scream
But the sound isnt here
where are they taking me
where i suffocate
while tryign to breathe
the lock wont keep me chained
ill drown in my own blood
but i wont
i wont
i wont be masked again

not now i'm free
its hidden deep in me
you tried to wield this mask
and ill take out my own man
dont get too close
if you fear your life
i wont
i wont
i wont stop until its gone!

anesthestics coax my sleep
but i wont give up easily
if you want to tred on my heart again
then beak it free of my chest
just set down the faceless mask
because i wont
i wont
i wont pretend again.

its not who i am
so give me the pieces back
ill find my glue
and tape myself up
so you can all see
im not the monster
you make me to be
and i wont
i wont
i wont go back to the dark

not when i have freed myself
from the shackles you prision me in
because i wont
i wont
i wont
i wont
i wont go back again.

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