Words Un-Spoken

November 26, 2009
Unless you can grasp it in the heart,
From the very start.
You won't get much better,
So why don't you tell her?
You've lingered for what seemed like forever,
But you let her slip by.

Now you're confound in a land,
That nobody ever understands.
As you clutched for her hand,
But it's too late now.

When it comes to show,
The world may never know.
The was you're changing,
You're heart re-arranging.
You're out of place,
Misguided, withdrawn.
And now she's gone,
And a piece of you is missing.

You check your phone listings,
Her name notupon the screen.
The numbers you erased.
Have you forgotten the taste,
Of how love should really be?

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