Over Time

November 26, 2009
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We wore Little Pink Dresses
with our hair in pig tails
We made giant messes
And didn't give a care

We loved to dress up
Become Rock-stars
Maybe a princess
Anything wasn't hard

We played endlessly
Until your mama would come
We'd stall for more time
Just a little more fun

What happened to the easy life?
Now we face the road ahead
We go our separate ways
With the past left unsaid
I want to go back
To those times we had
Or continue them now
And not have to be sad
Your my best friend
You always will be
Till the end
You and me

We found out about life
And told each other stories
We had lots of laughs
We lived all the glory

We talked about boys
Till two that night
We told all our secrets
And promised to stay tight

We met some bumps
But that's what best friends are for
Yet we still fought
To hang on to forever or more


I remember that boy Tim
And the first time you kissed him
You were crazy attached
Like a perfect match

But like all relationships
It's never forever
And when you two had it out
I stuck by your side

Although I was jealous
That he got you more
I didn't let it get to me
That's what I'm for

And through my depression
And problems with life
You hugged me till I cried
Or turned on the knife

And I hurt you the most
Through my own life pain
Yet still out loud you boast
Your best friend's name


I remember last summer
On our trip to the beach
We met a few friends

Ryan was cute; I liked him best
But, well Zach...
He smelled like crack

Back at home now
The mall with shorts on
And ice cream in hand
Our troubles were gone


I look forward to those times
When I don't care how I look
And time flies by
Without having to look

Your a lot of my world
And much of my heart
We never did what we were told
Right from the start

We still are that much fun
But I won't let us fade
Cause your my best friend
That's why we were made

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