November 26, 2009
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Verse 1
Just a moment to myself
A chance to catch what I have left
To take that one last step
And gather what I've kept

Something is gone
From what I used to be
A single tear has fallen
For nobody to see

Moving forward
Is hard to do
Forgetting what's been torn
When thinking about you

I miss your face,
But mostly you ,
When I look at myself
I miss me too,
And every simple smile
And thought of pure
Takes me back awhile
Before I tore.
I love you still,
I always will,
But I have to forget,
The thoughts of you,
And try to figure,
Why I can't let go of you

Verse 2
Staring across the empty
To lie through the truth
For somebody to see
The dead and dying proof

I need some more
Of what I can remember
But like always, being tore
Isn't enough for me to linger

Just looking in the mirror
And seeing the truth in the end
Something left to simmer
With no life left to fend


Help to remind me
That I have to still hold on
The memory I can see
Is fading into gone

I love still yet again
With little I have left
One heart yet has lent
Forever it's last breath
But still I...

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