Lost Cause

November 26, 2009
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I’m finally glad this is over
The sad songs are overplayed
I never was your perfect girl
And I’m sorry I ever stayed

I cried so much over you
But you gave me no care
I became exactly who
I stop at to stare

Ya, baby you hurt
Oh, You tore
You broke me down
But still somehow
I came around
To love
To care
But you slipped
And it was lost
Now, you and me
We’re a lost cause
For eternity
Yeah, baby
We’re a lost cause
No more you and me

You were everything to me
My single solid dream
I just couldn’t see
You weren’t what you seemed

I hurt myself
Way past the skin
And I haven’t regained
The girl I would’ve been


And still you ripped out my heart
You don’t know the pain
So please just don’t start
I won’t say sorry
To a face that ripped me apart

Chorus x2

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