Storybook Kiss

November 26, 2009
By DreamOfMe011 GOLD, Manchester, New Hampshire
DreamOfMe011 GOLD, Manchester, New Hampshire
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The greatest pleasure in life is doing things others say you cannot do
Tell me I can't, and I'll show you I can.

Caught you in my memories and my thoughts again today
Made me stop and wonder for the millionth time
Why we ended that way
Cinderella had her fairytale
Beauty found her love hidden away
So will we end tragically?
Or live till the end happily?


When it comes down to the end
I'm close to positive that the beginning's coming around again.
And I'm starting to come to terms with the thought that you are him
The one, The one, The one
The one that I can turn to
When the plans and my dreams fall through
So baby I’ll come to terms with this
And it’s okay
Give me my storybook kiss

I miss you’re taste,
Your turn this world around embrace
Your smile, your scent
And when the tears are streaming down my face
The way my body and your arms around me fit
There were never any disasters in those written worlds
So will the memories we have turn to gold?
Will our fairytale be told and retold?


It was like a storybook picture stepping out of a page
The way those fables expressed
Through those words Ariel couldn’t say
Or the way Prince Charming kissed


You are the one, the one the one
The one and only one
And I’ll come to terms with this
And it’s okay to give me that storybook kiss
Say you’ve loved me to hell and back
And you’d give me you’re heart from your chest
And I’ve come to terms with this
So give me my storybook kiss

The author's comments:
Just a little song i wrote when thinking about giving it all to this silly boy..

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