Who I Am

November 24, 2009
I'm the

Pretty girl with the golden smile

I'm the

Cheerleader, talks a minute a mile

They all think they're sure they know me

But on the inside I'm a whole 'nother story


I'm the girl who stays up late to cry

Pray to God, sobbin', and ask him wy

He's thrown me in such a cruel world

Where everyone thinks I'm a different girl

When mom screams, don't bother to go to dad
When people ask how I am, can't bring myself to say bad

Nothing stays constant; Nothing the same

No person to confide in without hurtin' my name

Some see a pretty girl

With a golden smile

Some see a bookworm, who reads books by the pile

The girl without a care

But no one bothers to ask who I see

So I pick up a mirror, give myself a stare

And I see who I am


I'm the girl who stays up late to cry

I pick up the mirror with a sigh

I see how far that sad girl has come, every mile

And I give my reflection that famous golden smile

'Cause I'm the girl who sobs and can't go to dad

But suddenly it doesn't seem so bad



Though I'm still the same girl

Who can't say bad

I've found out that lovin' yourself

Makes life a whole lot less sad

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Janelle J. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 13, 2013 at 5:14 pm
U have an amazing talent!!! If you have time, please comment and rate my work! :)
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