Blind Anger

November 18, 2009
By JoeCharley GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
JoeCharley GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Blind Anger

You know what, this is crazy,
And I’m sorry I was too blind,
To see how good we really were,
And how I need you in my life.

(When I’m Mad)
We get to arguing,
All over the smallest things,
You stand there and don’t say anything,
And I don’t want to hear reasoning,
(When I’m Mad)
I get to blaming you,
When I really know that it takes two,
And you tell me when my fuse is through,
To come back, back and talk to you.
(Now I See)
That my side’s not always light,
Meaning, that I’m not always right
And you always choose to never fight,
But to let me see, myself, that’s why, I,
(Came Back)
To apologize,
For my unwillingness to compromise
For not seeing it through your eyes,
This life’s too short to ever fight,
I’m sorry.

Verse One:
I’m mad over something else, and you do the smallest thing.
That normally would’ve made me laugh, but today, it just pushed me.
(Closer) to over the edge, (closer) to crackin’ your forehead, and you stood there and took my heat.
Finally, you said you understood, that I really must not be feeling good,
And to come back and try to talk to you, when I’m back to being me.

When I see you walking in the halls,
(My world seems to be slowed down),
And suddenly all the memories flood,
(And I start seeing the difference now),
Why did I choose to get mad at all?
(All the while I could’ve spent lovin’ u),
And now I see how much you’ve changed my life.


Verse Two:
I see you laughin’ with your boys, with your arms folded across your chest.
I see the girls trying to get at you, but your mind is somewhere else.
(Wonderin’) Did I learn my lesson yet, (Askin’) was my heart filled with regret,
The answers have all been yes, I just didn’t want to look helpless
But your ears could’ve heard my words; your words could’ve calmed my nerves,
And everything’d be good in the world, and I’d go back to being your girl.

Hook, Chorus

Actions speak louder than words,
And your actions spoke to me,
They said, ‘if you really wanted to be happy,
Then you can come and find me’,
You didn’t need to put up with the drama,
And I’m sorry for giving it.
But I’ve already wasted precious time,
So with the rest, we’re making the most of it.


The author's comments:
Getting over yourself for someone else.

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