Holding On

November 18, 2009
By JoeCharley GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
JoeCharley GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Holding On

Take my hand (take my hand),
And hold it close (hold it close),
Fly with me, away from here,
And don’t ever let me go.
Let me be your angel,
The one that you’ve been praying for.
The storm will soon be over,
All you’ve got to do is keep holding on.

Verse One:
When life throws out a curve ball, and it seems to head your way.
You pray and try to look for the sun, asking for it to bring a brighter day.
People tell you to keep looking up, cause that’s how they made it through.
So you keep your head held high, hoping your prayer’ll be answered soon.
You go through hell and fire, constantly getting weak and scratched.
But when you come out, look at yourself,you’re smooth, finished, and more determined.

When your arms are weak from fighting,
And your mind can’t take much more,
And you look up with tears in your eyes,
Searching for that life line of hope.


Verse Two:
Broken-hearted sister, I know that it hurts right now,
He up and left, and destroyed everything that you two could’ve had.
Lonely little boy, listen up, look inside the mirror well,
Cause then you will not be so lonely; you’ll see your best friend is yourself.
Young, beautiful teenage girl, you let the world’s beauty seem so true
Well, don’t listen to their antics, cause true beauty starts with you.
Young man, you work hard, day and night, and don’t seem to get your share,
You feel like the world doesn’t spin on your side of the town, but look, it’s helping you persevere.


Now, life is about choices, and the choices are all yours.
Will you hurt to keep others from hurting, or will you seek the easy door.
When you see the single mother caring for her nine kids,
Will you help, or will you hinder, it’s all your decision.
Never underestimate the power of your acts,
Cause what you throw out, tends to be what comes back.
Like a Gardner and his flowers, like a shepherd and his sheep.
When you don’t feel like you can be the solider anymore, call on me.
I know how it feels to be where you are,
Like you swimming against the tide, and you’re drifting too far.
You can’t find that life line to bring you back into land,
Like little Abdas in Africa, working hard, and no money in his hand.
Like the immigrant in America, coming up with disease,
When he only came to work in the ‘Land of the Free’.
What happened to helpin’ each other, why all this calamity?
Can’t we all be the world that we say we want to see?
Well I plan to heal the world, and I’m starting with me.
So I’m holding out my helping hand, and all you gotta do is reach.


The author's comments:
Inspired by a friends beat.

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