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He Left You

1 more light;
1 last time.
keep out the night;
just hope you try.
the tears you cry,
won't help you much,
as you scream out,
for his touch.
his loving smile,
has left you-
is gone.
1 more light;
1 more time.
keep out the night,
from yoour life.
from you he did disappear,
bbut don't fret;
don't fear.
he was decietful,
from the start.
don't let him,
keep your heart!
i more light;
1 last time.
keep out the night.
he lfte,
he left.
i have to say,
its so.
he left,
he left.
now runaway girl-go!
he left,
he left.
you know its true-
he never loved you.
he left,
he left.
i know it hurts.
he left,
but hold yourself high.
1 last light;
1 last time.
kee out the night.
his fault,
he left;
never yours,
so please don't,
cry anymore.
1 more light;
1 last time.
keep out the night-
just tell me you tried.

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