I Can't Love You

November 17, 2009
By Supra85 GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
Supra85 GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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"It's last call, last song, last dance. Cuz I can't get u back can't get a second chance"

I'm sitting here at home
Broken and alone
Trying to think of a way to move on through
Every time that I look back
I think of all the things that we had
And I can't even try to be mad at you

You took my mind, you drove me wild
You took my hand just like a child
You drove me away from this world again and again
You took my heart, you took my soul
Man aren't you just on a roll
There's just one thing, that I cannot do
I can't love you

With you I have never been smart
I just keep giving you my heart
You tear it up, you throw it away
Every night and every day
I pray you'll pick it up and give
My heart back so I can live
Well honey this was number ten
And I just can't do it again

You took my mom, you took my dad
You took my sister
That made me mad
You leave me here with nothin but myself
You took my will to try anymore
Cause you just walked right out that door
You took my eyes so I would be blind
But still you're always on my mind
And yes, now it's true
I can't love you

No I can't love you

Oohoo, Im sorry so sorry

Sorry, so sorry

But I can't love you

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