November 15, 2009
By Anonymous


He’s the next big star
Every channel shows his face
She’s hypnotized by his guitar
He’s now the pop-star of the human race

Many girls scream his name
They quiver when they hear his song
Yet, he is still shaky about his fame
Since it hasn’t been too long

What is she supposed to do?
To figure a tactic to catch his eye
Maybe throw her shoe?
All she has done so far is sit and sigh

A movie chooses him as the star
Now he will have even more fans
As the movie begins to film he travels afar
While he is gone he has changed into a man

He calls her this week
To tell of his wonderful show
Now maybe she will get a sneak peek?
He describes his new girl, oh no!

The boy she remembers from her hood
Has now lost his memories from his past behind
Then he will go away, surely for good
Can she change his mind?

The author's comments:
Twilight stars.. just funny thoughts, i kinda did it as a joke

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