November 11, 2009
By Anonymous

It's crazy how I can wake up and my dreams fade away,
And along with it goes desire Cuz that comes with the pay,
Your told since a child you can be what you want,
But I'm following those foot steps it's not as easy as they thought,
I try to sit in class and learn I want to be succesful,
But when I get to the door I'm told that the last desks full,
So I pull the notebook out and I get back to my rhymes,
Because this keeps me furthest from the streets commiting crimes,
My lockers filled with hate letters adressed to myself,
Theres so many they take over the All Time High shelf
I cant grow up like this with a daughter or a son,
So I look up to Obama and say Change gone come,
I stopped calling them dreams and named them my future,
Cause dreams only happen in sleep there's no virtue,
So I write success on my hand so it's always in reach,
Sorry King scratch out dream this is my I Have A Future speech.

The author's comments:
I do hip-hop music and this was a verse I put over Successful-Drake. I wrote it a little while ago I was feeling really stressed with school dealin with applying to colleges.

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