Stand Up

November 11, 2009
By Anonymous

When it's all said and done stand up rise and fight,
Show them that we got rights bring them to the light,
Show them what we want show them what we need,
Show them we hardly have what we need to breath,
They took away our voice we stood in silence,
And like a crash of a bottle we can break thru wit violence,
Land of the free government by the people,
But never a day where we're all treated equal,
Our thoughts are never said only written on paper,
And the ones not written are bound to escape ya,
Well I'm speakin out my words are gonna rise,
My thoughts will always be expressed dead or alive,
When I die my thoughts will be created into scriptures,
Make your words noted and no one could ever skip yours,
If we could just have peace you could never let me down,
But our fighting never ends might as well just help me down,
We are blinded from our sea to shining seas,
So we cant see the blood wash up that we track through our streets,
So the pain settles in our neighborhoods and covers the peace,
The unity is hidden in the shadows so it seems it cease,
To exist then we get hung up tryna fix our feelings,
In place of putting the homeless under ceilings,
We searching for Love cause it's the universal solvent,
But it went M.I.A. so we got problems problem solving,
So instead we're searching for W.M.D's,
Check Bush's heart there's room it's always empty,
Look now our people are weapons of mass destruction,
But my words can fix it all please pardon my interuption,
I made my thoughts a song cause music reaches the people,
Listen to my words like their your own and treat me like an equal,
What would happen Martin Luther King never slept?
What would happen if Amendment number one wasn't kept?
What would happen if Armstrong never took that small step?
If the earth didn't spin right what would be left?
If greed was never felt would we worry bout money?
If it constantly rained would we hate it when it's sunny?
Is it wrong that ive questioned your faith?
Would He not understand im confused about fate?
So here I am a man with a voice,
In the billions screamin cant hear me through the noise.

The author's comments:
I write a lot of hip-hop music and they all just come at random moment's when I'm watching the news or something happens in my personal life and this happened when I was going through a phase where I felt no one heard me. So i try to put it in a story where people can relate all around me.

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