November 9, 2009
Just to look at this angel is astounding,
She gives me eternal shivers down my spine that shift down and give me cold feet, Her with
a symmetrical spine, wings on both sides with a width far enough to make her fly beyond words,

an out of this world, woman, making her field trip from heaven to us, then me,
she not an attraction but to her I'm attracted, shes on the top of my mind, her name on
the tip of my tongue, she takes the air from my lungs, making it hard to breathe,

Of what God crafted she one of His best works, she stands and stays at the apex of beauty,
I'm hoping her halo shall bind us together, having no intentions of breaking it, She has
the most attracting eyes that distracted me prior to the moment when we locked eyes, with
the mind of a scholar and the body only a goddess should have, she never ceases to amaze
me as my belief in angels never cease to decrease and further amaze me,

lazy angels never carry their wings,
no shes no lazy angel, I just wonder when her wings shall bring these entities and have
them intertwined, after she enters me, I enter internal relief.mind and heart, her heart
is a diamond ring encrusted with my name on the inside, curse the sun as he competes with
her for a more beautiful sight, as he sets in the west,

she rises in the east with a moonlit beauty, while she is the simile that says she is like
the moon in which she shines on me, and lightens my mood like a heavy burden, but she
promises to bury burdens beneath both benevolent feet, an incredible feat I have bestowed
upon myself; to try and fly like her and maybe have a picnic on the moon, while the stars
are our candles, I can use the oncoming comets to let her wear my jacket as we look
further in the night sky,

Planning to ride around Saturn's rings, making revolving revolutions, me making evolving
evolutions into a better man with a better mind in mind, wherever we fly, we fly in the
same direction, and for her to her man she is just like a reflection.

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FlyWithMe_899 said...
Jun. 23, 2010 at 11:01 pm
awww that as very romantic:) nice word choice. i also really liked how u said "while the stars are our candles"
FlyWithMe_899 replied...
Jun. 23, 2010 at 11:03 pm
srry i meant 'was'
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