November 7, 2009
I fly above the clouds
Far out of reach
So girls who talk too loud
Won't be heard by me
I fly above the sky
Far out of reach
So girls who cheat and lie
Won't be hurting me

When the rain falls I watch it condense
From the rainclouds where it came to existence
And I sleep tight knowing that this is where
I belong

If you want to find me that's too bad
I don't need another girl making me sad
Melancholy is a terrible thing
I'd rather be void of feeling

Stay away
I can't feel this way
Stay away
Why do I feel this way
Stay away
I've pushed everyone away
Stay away
But I still feel the same

I'm soaring back down through the clouds
They comfort me in my times of need
But I've learned they can't figure me out
I need people that care about me

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