Forever in Second Place

November 7, 2009
I see her ponytail
bobbing up and down
She's not even breaking a sweat
It's just so easy for her

She crosses the finish
With an uproar of applause
I come in behind

I'm forever in second place
There's always someone before me
Causing no harm to anyone but me
No on else can see
How much she's hurting me

He's waiting for her
There at the end
He hurts just as much
Getting him was just so easy for her
Her voice is soft
her face is innocent

I work hard
Just like a race
But it never pays off
He still doesn't see me because

I am forever in second place
there's always someone before me
She doesn't see the pain I feel
No one else can see
how much she's hurting me

She doesn't realize
She doesn't see
Even though she's nice to me
but every time I see them
hand in hand
a piece of my heart slips away

Now, slowly I'm drifting away
I notice now
that everywhere I look
I see her
Her and Him
Him and Her

I don't want to
but I can't stop
because I hate

Alway's being in second place
Always coming in behind her
but someday forever will be over
and she'll see my ponytail
swaying as I pass her
not even breaking a sweat
No longer in second place

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