the wisp

November 6, 2009
By Wyndwaker BRONZE, Monticello, Minnesota
Wyndwaker BRONZE, Monticello, Minnesota
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when in doubt, bite.

As I pass through the fields of faces,
Some are smiling and some are not.
Some look like they’re looking for
The chance at life they never got.
No one sees me,
No one knows,
They buy my cheep
“I’m happy” shows
But in the night when all is dark
When they think they’re all alone,
I am there like a midnight lark
Seen only when the moonlight’s shone
People laugh, they talk and grin,
And with them I masquerade,
But I see the secret pain within,
Within the moonlight’s glade.
When I pass through fields of grey
As I’m inclined to every day,
I stare out into the lifeless tide,
And argue with the Wisp inside.

The author's comments:
...this is kind of how we (yes, this is BOTH of us) feel every day... constantlly changing, but no one ever notices... we feel like wispers in the wind, here today and gone tomorow... and only the observent people hear us.

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