My Haunting

November 5, 2009
By abmusiclover DIAMOND, Hyde Park, Vermont
abmusiclover DIAMOND, Hyde Park, Vermont
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"Don't tell us how it ends because were the ones who wrote the end."
-The Academy Is..

Like a haunting you follow me in my dreams, you stalk me every time that I try to sleep.

(Screamed) I’m paranoid someone help me I’m paranoid.
I thought I got rid of you but you just keep coming back, I will admit when you were here love I did lack.
(Screamed) Now it’s pay back god help me its payback.

[I’m in denial that its really you, your dead somewhere and I thought you were gone.
(Screamed) I’m not gone, no I’m never gone.
Could you forgive the deeds that I had done, could you go back to wherever you had come from?
(Screamed) You wish girl, no it will never happen girl.]

Every single night we spent was filled with terror and unhappiness, I had to do, what else did you want me to?
(Screamed) Get lost, girl I wanted you to just get lost.
Mindless energy had taken over; I didn’t want to kill you, but my hate was possessive.
(Screamed) It’s to late your time has come.


The poison tasted so sweet even if it ceased your heart to beat.
(Screamed) You gave in girl, your stronger then that.
I didn’t mean to perform such a horrible task but in the end I knew our love wouldn’t last.
(Screamed) You little liars, no liars get past me.


Pain and hate it was no debate that something needed to be done, this was a battle I had already won.
(Screamed) You’re just to naïve, good lord you’re just to naïve.
With one gentle push a knife through your neck, the blood spouting out, I knew it was done.
(Screamed) But it’s not over.

Pain rinses through my veins and I can feel your presence.
(Screamed) You bet I’m here, here to lead you to your grave.
Please don’t I wasn’t in my sane mind.
Spiraling down I watched the fear flow through my own eyes.
My own flesh and blood torn at the seams, I’d run away but I’m afraid to…
(Screamed) SCREAM!


Our love was pointless! I couldn’t get rid of you! I thought this was the answer!
(Screamed) You know nothing.
Please! Don’t take me! I didn’t mean to! Please!
(Screamed) Talk is cheap, blood is priceless.


It’s not my time! I won’t go!
(Screamed) It wasn’t my time either, but by force I went, now you will to
Can’t feel my legs, Can’t run away, My visions turning red as the bloody massacre seeps in.
(Screamed) Give up now!


Your Dying- Don’t’ take me
Meet your maker- No the last person I want to see is the undertaker.

Say goodbye- No

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once an english project now a song!!! Check out Collateral Damage at

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