My one, My only -love-

October 27, 2009
happiness surging through me,
like an untamed fire;
unable to be controled by just a few words.
a feeling,
created by your touch,
pulses throughout me-
my whole being.
i am yours.
you are mine.
we are a single person.
i love it when,
you know what i'm thinking.
i love it when,
you call when i'm about to call you.
i love it when,
you pledge your love to me,
but most of all,
i love you.
i trust you utterly and completely,
with all my heart and soul.
one day,
i dream we'll be married.
but until that day comes,
i'll dream of satnding before everyone,
and god himself,
fully trusting myself to you.
my one,
my only

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Kathy.Nguyen said...
Nov. 16, 2009 at 6:57 pm
i love it. its so passionate and i can tell it comes from your heart... its reminds me of me and and my boyfriend Jake. =]
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