I'm Breaking Out

October 13, 2009
Everybody’s got a little something they want to hide
Everybody’s just little shy sometimes
I just don’t what to do
I’m the new kid around the school

I see some girls, with their preppy clothes
Staring down at my ordinary show
I’m not what they are used to
With all their blush, makeup and other stuff

But I don’t care
I’m gonna set myself free
I’m gonna show them
How great I can be

They can smirk and toss their hair
But do they know how to explode a chair?
I’m gonna blast out their brains
I’m gonna show them something new….

So you can laugh and you can say
“Oh what a weirdo, she can be.”
I don’t care I’m breaking out
Of this crazy, girly, preppy school

I’m gonna roll out in the grass
I’m gonna misbehave
And I don’t really care
Because I’m gonna make this school my pad

Everybody’s gonna look at me
Everybody says I’m crazy
But for once in my life
I just don’t really care

So I’m gonna break out…….

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Flightless said...
Aug. 20, 2010 at 11:34 am
You go girl! I feel almost the exact same way and I'm the new kid too. I decided to do almost the same thing when school starts. :)
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