October 8, 2009
The door slams.
My feet tumble beneath my legs,
Determined and desperate
to escape the pounding in my heart.
A gentle leaf floats to the ground.
Crashing to the cold cement, like shattered glass.
The wind snatches it from my grasp, swirling toward heaven.
The pounding never ends.
A sea of people.
Screams and Shouts in the distance.
The pounding beats louder.
Dizzy with emotion.
My eyes swollen and soaked with tears
Head and heart beating in perfect unison
Is this love?
Anxiety drowning me, trembling for our next meeting.
The pain. The lust.
The lock on my heart has been broken,
Its secrets bleed out until my body has withered.
My soul cries out to heaven.
Make me numb. Lead me from the suffering. Make it end.
My heart says stay.
My body cripples.
Irony has it. Only he who destroyed can heal.
I skid to a stop. Weary from exhaustion. Feet torn and bloody.
The pounding stops.

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Angelparr1 said...
Oct. 17, 2009 at 1:18 pm
I really like it,it was very beautiful and has a lot of meaning and my fave part is where The lock on my heart has been broken.
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