Goodnight and Goodbye

September 30, 2009
By Cecily9999 BRONZE, Ashland, Virginia
Cecily9999 BRONZE, Ashland, Virginia
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Verse 1:
The rain is cold, outside tonight
I grasp your hand and hold it tight
I wish you well, have fun my friend
And come back soon
It will not end

(1st time)
Goodnight my friend
Goodbye my friend
I miss you much tonight
You’re right old friend
My sight, dear friend
Is narrowing near fright

(2nd time)
Hello new friend
You’re my old friend
But you’re not who you were
You’re right new friend
You’re sight, old friend
Has broadened once again
(go to bridge after 2nd time of chorus)

Verse 2:
I kiss you once, and hug you twice
I stare right past your eyes
I wish you well, have fun my friend
Who sees their own eyes cry?
And in the sunlight of tomorrow
Will we remember now?
Although the truth was told tonight
We still do not know how.

(Back to Chorus)

The sun outside, is bright today
I grasp your hand, you look away
and when I reach, you are not there
and when I ask, you do not share
the things you found to give the proof
the things you learned about the truth

Your sight, my friend
Ain’t right, my friend.
It’s narrowed after all.
Their sight, yes, them
Ain’t right, again
But what’s truth, after all?

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