Open Wide

September 30, 2009
By JessM SILVER, Wasilla, Alaska
JessM SILVER, Wasilla, Alaska
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I don’t know what’s true and fake,
I gotta live my life someday,
Ima walk it out, walk it out

They say depression is writer’s fuel,
Now let’s look, who’s playin the fool?
I’m sure it’s not you

I used to spend hours dissecting a song
Using every word tryin to see if it’s wrong
Holding on to a phrase,
Never thinkin it’s strange.

Well my eyes are open wide
I’m tryin to walk in bigger strides
You don’t tell me what to do,
I’m livin my life now, not for you.

I’ve always been the odd kid
Never knew what group I fitted in
But I managed

My friends, they try to change me
Thinking they’re helpin me
But they don’t see
That I’m fine bein me.

I don’t why, but I keep writin these songs
Hopin maybe people won’t think of me wrong
I hope they can see
The real me

Well my eyes are open wide
The rules I could never abide
Were the ones you sold to me
I’m breakin my life down for all to see

Well my eyes are open wide
I’ve got few friends on my side
You don’t tell me what to do
I’m thinking my life through, not for you.

My eyes are open wide.

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