I'm Done Tryin'

September 25, 2009
I give up_you don't care
You don't want me in your life anymore
I have screamed_I have cried
I've tried so hard to let you inside
But you don't want in_so from here on out
I'm done tryin'

Verse 1
Last week_a phone call_just askin' how you been
You say "Can I crash with you tonight?"
When I say no_you hang up again.
But you're at my parties_here for my shows,
Wanna see my friends_actin' like you know
All about my world_and all about me_girl_you can't even start.

Verse 2
I think back_to the old days_before you got tired of me
When we could really talk_when I really saw_how close we could be
But in years to come_our different paths_never wanted to cross
In trying to_get things back again_I felt like we got lost.

I'm done tryin'
to mend this life when you can't face what's broken
I'm done cryin'
all those angry tears over words left unspoken
I'm done lyin'
like everything's fine, just smile like I'm jokin'
I'm done bein' afraid of losing you,
But if you're not here, it's not my job to do
There were too many lies, too many tears, too many truths to secure my fears,
I'm tired of a battle I've continually lost
simply because you've stopped tryin'

Verse 3
Deep down I_always knew_we would find our own way
But I didn't think_you'd completely stop_carin' who I am or what I say
Nothin' but fake smiles_empty talks_and ditzy remarks
I got my own life_and if you want in_you gotta prove to make your mark

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Ikeiya L. said...
Oct. 9, 2009 at 5:27 pm
im speechless!!! i luv it!!
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