This Mess

September 25, 2009
I close my eyes, I see your smile,
I feel your touch, just for a while,
Of everything I thought I knew, there you are again, and I understand.
You held my hand, but I got scared,
Tried pullin' back, but you're still there
I didn't know how loud my heart could speak,
But I can't be vulnerable, won't be weak,
All I know is you were by my side, every time, and I tried to hide.

You had feelings too, and I couldn't make
You sit around, wait for me to take
The chance for what is was worth.
I told myself to follow my heart, but all I do is fall apart
What would you say? What would you do?
Could I risk myself and open up to you?
But then that sappy song comes on,
We both hear,
I'm thinking of you, but are you thinking of me?

I'd hoped that this spell wouldn't last,
That I could see you again, and we'd forget the past.
I called you up, you said we could meet,
Soon I saw that smile, so familiar to me,
And still don't feel the same.
Because part of this is still killing me, just makes me want to cry
That this can't be the same, no matter how hard we try.
Yeah, we're friends, we say we're cool,
But we see the wall, who can we fool?
There's no more jokes, those ones, you know,
Where I play dumb to just see where it goes.
No more calls, down the hall or on the phone,
No more us, it's you and it's me,
Once always together, not standing alone.
We can hope, we can pray,
I can bring you in and beg you to stay, but
I messed this up so badly the first time,
Whether or not its gonna be the last time.
I can cry all I want over "gettin' played,"
But this whole mess was mine to make.
I had a choice, but then, so did you,
I chose to stay silent, not know what to do, until
It's too late, and now you're gone,
I'm still broken, and you've moved on...

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kandeekaine said...
Oct. 8, 2009 at 10:50 pm
This made me cry
Its so powerful and moving
You should really become a proffesional lyric writer (sorry i forgot there name"
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