glass display

September 3, 2009
feeling like i never know
you or who you are
crying like i never knew
you and who you were

laughing in the darkness
shadows on the wall
dreaming of a time whe i
never cared at all

you took my heart and ripped it
took my brain and twisted it
lit a match and thre it
as you watched my whole life burn

i found it hard to breathe
and as you walked away
i realized that i was locked up
in a glass display

and no one could hear me scream
they all saw through my mask
loud enough to shatter myself
but not to shatter glass

my world was harsh and delicate
i fell among the shards
the pieces dug into my skin and blood
stained transparent parts

im just a glass display
caught up in the past
wish you could hear me say
sorry we moved fast

and time just f***ing runs away
i wish this could last
i wish these twists and turns of fate
wouldn't run so fast

there was a time once
when there was too much time
suicide was a joke
poetry could rhyme

im just on glass display
caught up in the past
wish you could hear me say
sorry i was rash

in an empty parking lot
angels climbed a ladder
slowly it began to snow
i drifted then fell after

you turned me inside out
my heart was on my knees
eyelashes and fingernails
float in a stormy sea

im just on glass display
watching my life burn
wish that you could hear me say
i never meant to hurt
i never meant to hurt

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The_Open_Heart said...
Aug. 11, 2013 at 7:51 am
This is some very strong stuff. I love it
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