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the wanderer

the wanderer

The wind, weeping tonight
shared itself with the predawn light
the wind gave its soul to me
the wanderer had to leave

Its not alive anymore
the blue sky died
the wind cried "More!"
could you hear it?
could you go near it?

The blue sky, daring and old
once had a song, a story to be told
could you hear it?
could you go near it?

the river, blood red banks
reformed mountain and carved valleys with his bare hands
the night is fair,
oh but the wind has a different demand]

I'm on hold with the sun
he's alone chasing demons
and the god awful pause
will only serve to hinder the cause

its not alive anymore
the wind died and the night cried more
the wind cried more...
the wanderer had to leave...


The wind, weeping tonight
threw itself into the predawn light...

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