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Here are the most recent limericks:

Chunky the Monkey
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I know a little monkey, Whose name sounds kind of funky. He eats a lot, Without any thought, And that's why we call him "Chunky" (more »)
The Agowilt
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I tried so hard to deny, That there was a beast living inside. Endlessly it whispered in my mind, Increasing in volume with the passing time.   "One day he will leave." The voice said to me. "He will leave for better, can't you... (more »)
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People always end up dying Children always end up crying Fire always ends up burning Mourners always end up yearning  The insane always end up breaking The fakers always end up faking Hands, nobody seems to be lending  Everything... (more »)
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The day is very young A friendship made is a victory won We are always stronger together I know we will be best friends forever Are day has now begun (more »)
Their Jobs
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Soldiers risk everything to fight for our lives Lawyers attempt to create civility between husbands and wives Teachers teach us all they know Actors always put on a show Doctors fight to cure the sick Across the stage the dancers frolic... (more »)
The better man/The better fool
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There once was a man named Shamus, he’d always brag about how he was better than us. Cheated on his wife, Drank away his strife. There is no better fool than Shamus.   (more »)
Shampooed Rugs This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Jonesport, ME
The smell of shampooed rugs floats in my mind I feel like falling asleep to the heavenly aroma that makes me blind But I fall asleep and the chemicals go to my brain My brain explodes and then it is the end And all I can smell is... (more »)
Their Lies
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 It seems, in life, as though Those who seem perfect in show Sit on a throne Imperfections not shown But nobody's perfect though (more »)
The Crime
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A man killed a guy with a tray Then, quickly, he ran away Another who witnessed the crime Sadly had become a mime And the culprit escaped away (more »)
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There was a girl who has to pee Panicked, she ran up to me I showed her the path And she did the math I hope she found where to go pee.... (more »)
I'm Done
By , Bolivar, NY
I'm afraid that all that I've done Can be described with one simple pun My life is a joke I've been bent 'till I'm broke And it will be until I'm done (more »)
For You, To You
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You sit by your window and count the stars You mark each one with your heart Matching each one with a reason to love me You count them through all galaxies And still you say you lack enough stars To express the deepest feelings in your... (more »)
The Tree
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I walk from my house to the tree A few feet, but it's what I see Sadness and despair As if there's no care And its just a few feet to the tree (more »)
The Golden Cage
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Two birds sit beside each other, Each in their respectable cage. The first cage is gold and shining, The second is dull, and rusted with age. The first bird brags to the second bird Of the glamor of her home, "It's studded, you see,... (more »)
Poor Gerbil
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My teacher used to have a pet She named the gerbil Jet Until I got mad And I freed the poor lad Now my teacher doesn’t have a pet (more »)
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They say obesity is pathetic Anorexia is a trend With all the talk of What’s wrong and what’s right It’s getting difficult to defend Walk a street in Colorado ‘Homegrown happiness’ That’s their motto How is happiness grown,... (more »)
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