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Here are the most recent limericks:

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Awe in their faces As they watch me prevail The same awe in their hearts When they watch me fail. What's a writer to do? Always caught in between I can't ask for help Without making a scene. My peers and my friends All know I'll... (more »)
Ink Can Hide and Heal
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In the beginning I was rather frail. School was not a complete smooth sail. Words of hate drove me to solitude. The sadness I felt was at a large altitude. To forget the troubling world, I used books to block the insults so many had... (more »)
Mean Teacher
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There ONCE was a teacher named Cathy She was kind of psychopath-y She yelled at her class Didn’t wear a casque And got hit in the head with a lathi (more »)
Our Fear
My eyes are ablaze, An unflattering reminder of existence. Your kisses turn to dust, And I wonder why we believe in consistence.  The sky Is cobalt and azure Yet so is the abundance inside, A depressing downcast And so my feelings I... (more »)
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I Said Yes
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From the moment we met it was meant to be. I knew just by the smile you gave me. You make me laugh until I cry. Your sweet kisses make me sigh. You have won the key to my heart. From my life I know you will never part. Every month... (more »)
What I Find
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In the deep hollows of my mind, Enormous hopes and fears are what I find. In the darkened hours of the night, A million thoughts swirl in my head shining bright. As I work through a tough jam, Slowly I find who I am. The person I... (more »)
Just A Chance
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Assumptions are all I hear. False facts are what I fear. Talent and skill lie under my skin. Wasting such gifts seem like a sin. Look at me more than once. You seem to think I am dunce. I am more than meets the eye. Given a chance... (more »)
The Sailor's Song
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strong was I, sailing night and day amidst stale waves and silent pleas for winds wafted my voice astray across the searing seven seas but I knew I would be heard soon hummed by the stars, sang by the moon (more »)
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THe Death Collection
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A guy named Joe was a mime He didn’t stop at the red sign A semi hit his car He flew into a bar And that was the death of the mime   Bob was an ordinary guy He liked work and apple pie Until he bought the wrong one Poisoned by a... (more »)
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There once was an old Bolivian She feared the great Oblivion She tried to be great Got hit by a freight Poor, poor old Vivian (more »)
Genius Man
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There once was a man who said Constant lines ran through his head He could not go sleep Couldn't get just a peep Even in the comfiest bed   When the lines though great, had ceased The world was sad, to say the least A genius had... (more »)
My Words For You
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Everytime I try to speak the words refuse to tumble. So, here I am hoping that what I say makes sense. Because even though sometimes my words are jumbled, I love you like no one else. The love I feel is not just in my mind, an idea of... (more »)
A Rose
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The water shimmered Blue and gold The breeze and the mist one shallow rose It sat by the water It’s leaves dipped in Awaiting the time it would bloom again Time went on the sun set beneath the hills one could hear the sighs and... (more »)
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Give Me a Chance
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Challenge me, oh father and mother! You cast my aside to choose my brother Give me a task; I’ll prove I’m worthwhile Don’t give it to Kyle, I’ll show you my style And if I do fail then give me another Though if you choose to give... (more »)
A Devil Kissed Radiance
This girl met with god, And they tailor-fitted my sorrow,  She asked, "of what do I owe you?"  After she snatched up my heart and she borrowed. She snuck into heaven Because she had sin, She belongs somewhere elsewhere, Because Satin's... (more »)
Some Time To Be Alone
As I walk down our street I am all alone,  I talk to myself blinded,  On your phone.  "Hey this is me"  Is a dagger that's stabs me and dies, In a place down the front of my jacket  Where you used to lie.  These street lamps are... (more »)
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