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Here are the most recent limericks:

The Llama.
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Oh Llama Oh Llama Oh glorious Llama Your glare is so scary You'l give the horses trauma I think i'll name you Jerry   Oh Llama Oh Llama Oh majesttic Llama Your eyes are hypnotic It must be karma For you really are exotic  ... (more »)
The Eruption of Nate
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There once was a boy named Nate, who ate and ate, until there was nothing left. One particular night, Nate ate the whole table, and it seemed that was all he was able. For Nate swelled up like a balloon, and exploded with a loud... (more »)
Forever Waiting
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My only friends is me, Sitting here by the open sea. I hear the sound, Of the wailing hounds. As I wait for thee. (more »)
What now
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 My mirror speaks louder than my words, that's what the voices around me assure. My voice means nothing without a pretty smile to shine though my own mask. My skin is newspaper strips covering a hollow shell. The stars shine mighty bright... (more »)
Wrong Thoughts
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When someone hurts you more than you can take, When all your love and faith seem to be fake, Everything you had isn’t gone, And you haven’t chosen a wrong one, It’s that you put a rose bud to bloom in a lake. (more »)
A Woman from Not
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There once was a woman from not, who liked to smoke a lot, Her smoking was so bad, that she became very sad, And now the cancer she has got (more »)
What to do at the zoo
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There once was a girl at the zoo, She didn't know what to do. Gawking and stares, Tigers and bears, Were the ones who were looking at you. (more »)
What Makes Us Unique
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what makes us one is it our thoughts on a run is it the way that we speak or the secrets we keep the way we think or the emotions engraved in our brains in ink the way we show love or the people we let go off the things we do or... (more »)
Do You Remember...?
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Do you remember the days when we played with sand And bathed in the sun? Do you remember the time we played a prank? It was the best, to be frank. Do you remember that mean girl from Maths class, And how we pranked her; what a blast! Do you... (more »)
Bubble girl
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There once was a girl made entirely from bubbles, Throughout her short life, she had a great many troubles. She was born from a plastic container, But, being mistaken for dish soap, died in sink strainer. Now tell me the difference between her... (more »)
lasting Love
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Where does my love belong should it be shown written in a song how do I know it is true and won't leave me feeling blue I want love to last long (more »)
Mend Me
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Thoughts of you fill my mind nothing but anger, yet it's a sign how can you do this be so cruel yet end in a kiss leaving nothing to console and nothing to control. Winter comes and goes cold seeping into more than just my cloths as... (more »)
God took my eyes
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There's so many beautiful things to see in the world. From different sights, adventures and views. But I only see black. God took away the beauty in this world for me. God took my family, God took my eyes. Birds chirp, leaves sway my... (more »)
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I can't sleep, the alarm clock ticks like my broken heart cracks looking at the photographs. I can't fight the past, or the future. You were my first; love of course. You held my hand when my feet couldn't withstand the weight that... (more »)
Rose Bush
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I fell upon a red rose bush. It pricked me in an ambush. I rocked along, sucking my thumb, I went utt-erly numb, As it gave me a little push. The rose bush was a lady, though very, very, shady. She wore a porcupine hat, And gave me a... (more »)
Cardboard Shackles
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Black and blue cardboard shackles. I sit tight while the with cackles. This game isn't fair! I sit in this chair. She will soon know of my hackles. (more »)
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