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Here are the most recent limericks:

An Army Wife's Letter
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I wrote this letter especially for you To prove that my love for you is true Never shall I kiss someone else’s lips Never will we make any boring trips Robert, you are unbelieving beautiful When I am near you my heart goes like a raging... (more »)
I Couldn't Write You a Love Song
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I couldn't write you a love song, And tap the keys I had composed. High notes would terribly go wrong; You weren't my reach as you supposed. Yet, low notes could be good to have, But sorry, I loathed lifeless love.   I tried to fix the... (more »)
The Sweet Life
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I'm starting to crumble. Not like a cookie--that's much too sweet. It's more like a jackhammer going at concrete. It's fast and slow And everything between the two It's cutting at my brain, my heart--why doesn't it affect you? I'd like to... (more »)
Crab Limerick
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This limerick is of a crab Who acted and was so fab. She ate and ate Gained some more weight And lost all her friends for a flab (more »)
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Eyes red and baggy needing sleep But my brain wouldn’t give just a peep For I have an old friend That stays up days on end And we would talk and weep for more sleep (more »)
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The splash splash of the nearby creek Curious, I took a peek And to my delight, I saw such a sight: A bird being fed by beak (more »)
You and Me
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I can be me You can be you Now you can't see me But I can see you So now, you be you and I be me (more »)
Article No. 101
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I've noticed a phenomenon rather Peculiar in some ways I gather That all of my writings are bad and sad Could it be because I only write when mad? How else do I get out the pain? Hopefully people don't think I'm weird, that would a shame. (more »)
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You’re a wet rag that I keep wringing and wringout out, causing my hands to ache and become sore.  But still, you're dripping dirty water on the floor. And I can't clean it up.   You planted a bad seed in my heart. And I can try... (more »)
Blonde To Black
You're hair resembled that of a beauty. But you were never that.  I was with you until it frayed  And it turned completely black.  Blonde to black  Is a passage to hell. It was the lowest peak underground  But because of you I still... (more »)
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Why does it seem that I can’t do anything wrighte? I wrighte and I wrighte but it never comes out wrighte. I have a wrighte to know if what I’m doing is wrighte or wrong or left What if wrighte was wrong and left was wrighte? Would... (more »)
More Lies
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There was a young woman who lied And the truth was always denied So her lies piled up Overflowing the cup But nothing could damage her pride (more »)
Zayn my babe
There once was a man named Zayn He couldn’t be more vain. I love him with all my heart. I wish I could teal him away in a cart. But he’s gone now, so I’m alone in the rain. (more »)
Smash Tournament
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I didn’t know his name, He beat me at the game, I lost the prize, To a man of his size, I will never be the same. (more »)
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Cardboard Towns
We all eke out a living, In our own negligible cardboard towns.  Sometimes they crumble And they just plunge right down.  The most minuscule ripple, Or the slightest little crack.  And the symbol that we all were brainwashed with,  Is... (more »)
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Ice-cream is cold and delicious, But sadly, not really nutritious. Any flavor you crave, And all the sprinkles you can brave. But not too many or it will be suspicious. (more »)
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