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Just Gatsby
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Hello I am Gatsby, Great Gatsby you say? No I'm his cousin, Just Gatsby okay... I am just like him, At least that's what I am told, If only I could pay for college, When I was 18 years old. Do you see my home? It's... (more »)
A Sermon Interrupted
By , Edinboro, PA
Precariously perched on a bleacher sat a rotund, Catholic teacher. The bleachers did rumble, so she took a tumble and landed on top of the preacher. (more »)
insomnia for the broken
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So tired of pain Emotions just repeat again Living can feel just like my dream It's so unreal, to me it seems Everyone here is make believe Something only I perceive My life seems like an awful poem Rhyming because it feels like home... (more »)
Outside these Walls
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s a prisoner in your cold jail cell, surrounded by grey walls barred into the claustrophobic cubicle. I yanked at the cool, metal bars, my fingers numb, struggling to hold on, yet yearning to be free of the restraint I felt; so captivated.... (more »)
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Her body lit up like the festival of lights, the only things keeping her grounded, unlike the fireworks, were the pills that she flirted with three times a day, ten tablets a pop. They were colorful, like flower petals: she picked them each... (more »)
The Lies of Science
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I've decided that all scientists do is lie: According to the laws of physics, if I am attracted to you, you should be attracted to me, too. So why is it that gravity is not pulling you closer to me? Why do you feel so far away? Chemists... (more »)
Slow Recovery
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He was old, but not too old: he had silver in his hair, a golden heart I can see him sitting on that hospital bed, surrounded by white walls and blue curtains, the beeping of machines ringing every so often, Thin, wrinkled hands and long... (more »)
The Climb
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I am afraid of climbing mountains because I fear the height will tempt someone to push me off the edge Sometimes, I think I can make it up, the whole way but my body gives in Even with you; My knees go weak, but it is more truthful... (more »)
Prince Charming
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In a weird way, he was almost too perfect: the kind of guy you see on tumblr read stories about, and see in movies. I felt like I was the star of my own Hollywood production when we spoke. His words danced in my mind and my heart flirted... (more »)
School Games
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Maybe it shouldn't matter so much because it all ends next year, anyway But I never wanted you to be someone I had to miss. The hardest part is that your strength overpowers me in this game of tug-of-war, but still, I cling on to that... (more »)
To Him
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What do I have to do? To make you understand my point of view. For you to stop being so invested in yourself. Listen to me, not just your own voice. Would you try to make me happy? If it meant for you to put me before you. Because I've been... (more »)
Zero Gravity
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I am functioning on zero gravity. Like a pendulum I swing. Weightless I feel at the top. Until a rough force pulls me to a stop. And I sit motionless waiting for the unseen. I go up, but always come down. Often I hit the ground. Then the... (more »)
Sausages and Ice Cream for Breakfast
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I know things about you, Things that people don`t expect me to know. I cherish the days when I find out something new, Taking on a radiant glow. I wish that you were like that, too. If only you knew. My cheeks flush red, Trying to... (more »)
Your Loss
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You once had a secret admirer Who kept your image always beside her. You lived in her brain, But she loved you in vain. So, she moved on and found someone better. (more »)
Are You Please With Me?
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Are you pleased with me? That thought echoes against my mind. And when I make a mistake, I feel it every time. I know you are there. You wait for me to come. You have open loving arms. You help me repent of what I've done wrong. I... (more »)
Five Limericks to Whack
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The poor children of Gin were so incredibly thin but the found a bite that tasted alright so now they had something for din Some people went to the bank to see the ships which sank but they fell in I put on a grin And they don't... (more »)
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