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Here are the most recent limericks:

Ed Sheeran
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There was a Ginger from England He enjoyed products from Kingston He played guitar Wished upon a star He now travels the globe singin' (more »)
To Those Who Judge
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I may stutter and splutter and stammer, And I have the good looks of a hammer, But I'd like you to know, That although I don't flow, In my head I'm correcting your grammar. (more »)
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Bugs, don't give your hugs don't behave as thugs stay away from my jugs and rugs. (more »)
How Doth the Wind Blows?
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How Doth the wind blows? as it hums a soft tune I will go where it goes until my journeys end I travel with the wind For there is no greater companion then thee. Some may say i'm a drifter but there is no truth in that. For it is in... (more »)
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The water is still and unwavering. The air is crisp and cool. The frizbee flies through the air like a bird in flight Dodging trees throughout the night   It flies alone searching for it's thrower It flies through rain and snow... (more »)
Where Were You?
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I got home early that day, An event that was rare, There was no one in sight, And my parents weren’t there. ‘Where are they?’ I worried and thought to myself, ‘They’re probably still at work’, Not anywhere else. I wanted to... (more »)
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Poems come and poems go  Some just don't have the right flow But every now and then You find another ten  And all you can do is say whoa  (more »)
Idle autumn’s Day
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Idle autumn’s Day An idle bower harbors the Warbler, As mellow mizzle dampens the understory. Sharpened soil frosted dark and dewy, Sentinel he perches atop an accented gully. And staunch, with breast distended wholly Crooned a rotund... (more »)
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The Cat & The Owner This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Battle Creek, MI
He tried to pet my belly, which was severely a miscalculation. I was lying on my back, and it was not an invitation. It was their own fault, and now their hand has a bloody indentation. I perch on a windowsill, stretching my... (more »)
You Choose Her
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Dedicated for life, Need no more strife. I'm so in love with you, You're my boo. I stand with you, But you're with her too. More her, Such a blur. She has your love, She is your dove. Me, I'd get on my knee. For you I'd do... (more »)
Joking friends
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My friends make me laugh, they are comical but jokes are most anatomical to find jokes clean very seldom are seen but sadly, they are not so comical (more »)
The Llama.
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Oh Llama Oh Llama Oh glorious Llama Your glare is so scary You'l give the horses trauma I think i'll name you Jerry   Oh Llama Oh Llama Oh majesttic Llama Your eyes are hypnotic It must be karma For you really are exotic  ... (more »)
The Eruption of Nate
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There once was a boy named Nate, who ate and ate, until there was nothing left. One particular night, Nate ate the whole table, and it seemed that was all he was able. For Nate swelled up like a balloon, and exploded with a loud... (more »)
Forever Waiting
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My only friends is me, Sitting here by the open sea. I hear the sound, Of the wailing hounds. As I wait for thee. (more »)
What now
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 My mirror speaks louder than my words, that's what the voices around me assure. My voice means nothing without a pretty smile to shine though my own mask. My skin is newspaper strips covering a hollow shell. The stars shine mighty bright... (more »)
Wrong Thoughts
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When someone hurts you more than you can take, When all your love and faith seem to be fake, Everything you had isn’t gone, And you haven’t chosen a wrong one, It’s that you put a rose bud to bloom in a lake. (more »)
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