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Here are the most recent limericks:

If I were the fire...
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If I were the fire then you'd be the rain, I like to brighten others and you give them pain, I lighten up quickly yet you stay there swaying, My heart is filled with joy and you cry to bed praying, But I don't know the truth, for you... (more »)
Bring Upon Peace
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The World is in turmoil The World is in pain We seem to face this issue again and again  People have begun killing in the name of religion  But killing is not in their religion's traditions First the oceans, now the lands  The... (more »)
Infrared Dreams
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She seeks a world like that in her dreams  An idea so impossible it has come to seem  A world with oceans the color of peaches Sandy Skies and sky colored beaches  A world where starlight twinkles through the day  And children... (more »)
Life is to Short
By , Tigard, OR
There once was a girl named Blide She never bothered to live on the wild side To her dissmay... She soon passed away... Regretting never taking a bite out of the wild side. (more »)
Crane from Ukraine
By , Tigard, OR
There once was a crane from Ukraine All the while he hoped for rain So he caused bane And made the town fly a plane and sure enough it rained That crane from Ukraine (more »)
Caged emotions
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The dim orange sky smears like paint, The world was once pure now no one's a saint, We lie and cry, And ask ourselves why, But all of our memories are forgotten and faint, Our sorrows are like cries in the wind, Hard to hear and very... (more »)
The flower
By , Vancover, Canada
A flower so in love with her face, She looked in the puddle for her grace. Ev’ry day smiling, Her face alluring, Until she wilts quickly in disgrace. (more »)
The Night Sky
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laying down I look at the sky wondering why the stars pass by their small twinkling lights like the moon light bright oh how much I love the night sky (more »)
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She was clever, as sharp as a tack. I unwind - our lips meet with a smack! Seems she’s bitten my lip, but I’m smart as a whip, so I smile as if under attack. (more »)
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Inside the darkness grows; The light is his fow. They fight constantly. Sometimes it's hard to breath.   Inside me there is a fight, Between darkness and light. They fight almost effortlessly. Makes me wonder if it'll last an... (more »)
Trouble in Ireland
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There was a man named O’Malley. He lived his days in an alley. He slurred and he sunk, For he was a drunk. That’s all for old man O’Malley. (more »)
My Best Friend Pinky The Dolphin
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My best friend is named Pinky He loves me when I’m stinky In Miss Rehms class we play My favorite time of day I like to call him twinkie We dream about the ocean Our minds are put in motion Pinky cuddles my neck... (more »)
Limerick for the Young Boys
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We give them a shove To show that we're above So they don't like us And treat us like an ugly ficus  But all we wanted was a little love (more »)
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I I think I have my dad’s blue eyes. I know I have his witty guise. I have a mole on my left arm, Right where all of his charm, Pours out and makes a mess. II I know I have my mom’s slant smile. I write and talk in her frank style.... (more »)
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Inside the mind of a WW1 solider
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The sky is clear yet the monstrous thunder cracks still, the left of us have learned by now to never raise our eyes above the hill. We beat the dawn and fear the night, the dreary boredom pervades the soulless fight. The ads said glory,... (more »)
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People ask why I love to write and I say, its my own version of a fight, but they tilt their heads and get confused, because they don’t understand how I've been bruised, not in a physical way, but by the sword of mouth’s smite. (more »)
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