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The End of the Semester
As the first semester is coming to a close, It's known for being stressful and everyone knows. Full of cramming, coffee, and study guides, It's the time when students are sleep deprived. Some succeed while running on minimal sleep and... (more »)
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Love Over Seas
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When I think of distance, I think of pain Take for instance, me without you there is no gain I will never forget that smile that can be seen across a mile When I use to hear your heart beat all I wanted to do was move my feet and walk right... (more »)
The Gowned Dog
By , Pasadena, CA
There once was a dog of brown Whose favorite outfit was a gown When he looked in the mirror It became clearer That all he was missing was a crown (more »)
The girl from Texas
There once was a girl from Texas Who only dated ones with a Lexus One day she met a boy with a Camry who told her he accepted her dowry She nearly threw up her breakfast! (more »)
Bubblegum Girl
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We know those girls far too well, Those girls that as far as anyone could tell, At any moment could fall into a well. They twirl their hair, smack their gum, Yak into their phone, since she was young. They dont pay attention to a... (more »)
Childhood paradox
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Doing time, for crimes i didn't commit. Not to say there's accusations, but rather assumptions.¬†That's what drives me to quit. How can i act like an adult, when you treat me like a child? I can be ambitious, but i'm not wild. I colour... (more »)
Reign of the School King
By , Arcadia, CA
Bear witness to dictator's birth! He showed us a tyranny's worth. A one and a two, The magic was true: Great ruler of ill-natured mirth. (more »)
Home of the Free
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There once was a cop who was white Who thought his decision was right To shoot a poor boy And then to play coy Since the media would lock it up tight (more »)
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There once was a fisher named Jill Who stood in her boat with a chill Two girls on her side Pushed her into the tide Those mermaids gave her quite the thrill (more »)
World Peace
Yes our deed would be quite renowned, If on the globe we held hands all around. There would be World Peace, But our lives would soon cease, Since two thirds of us would have drowned. (more »)
For the First Time
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Those old days were as cold as stones, When I was on my solitude; The chill like needles pricked my bones I was frozen from where I stood; Until the temperature did chime; I felt the warmth for the first time. ¬† I ne'er believed... (more »)
The Beast
Deep down in the Palimo bay, Lived a beast that no man could slay. But a young man named Hall, Killed the beast in a brawl, And ate a big goldfish filet. (more »)
Take Me Back
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Beautiful blues, and pinks, and purples, and greens Please take me back Back to when I was free The sun as hot as the hottest coals Beautiful skies that would touch your soul Please take me back to the river at night The fireworks... (more »)
Brand New
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You make me feel free again You make me feel new You've made all my grey skies Turn suddenly blue How do you do this? Turn things all around You make me smile With him, All I did was frown. I used to get high To feel happy again Now... (more »)
Glass in the Grass
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Smooth cold clear breakable glass Just laying in the green grass Waiting to be smashed And turn into ashe And no longer be smooth glass (more »)
Monday Night Rehearsal
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The weary sighs Of students aligned Row by row they stand Instruments in hand A whirlwind of harmonies Resembling sounds just like these Sounds that reside In the field of their minds They read each and every line Trying their... (more »)
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