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Here are the most recent limericks:

Glass Trail
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<p> A broken heart, they say, is class</p> <p> Better leave the pieces</p> <p> Than bleed putting them back.</p> <p> So I fled from my broken heart memories¬†</p> <p> Left... (more »)
What to do at the zoo
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There once was a girl at the zoo, She didn't know what to do. Gawking and stares, Tigers and bears, Were the ones who were looking at you. (more »)
What Makes Us Unique
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what makes us one is it our thoughts on a run is it the way that we speak or the secrets we keep the way we think or the emotions engraved in our brains in ink the way we show love or the people we let go off the things we do or... (more »)
Do You Remember...?
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Do you remember the days when we played with sand And bathed in the sun? Do you remember the time we played a prank? It was the best, to be frank. Do you remember that mean girl from Maths class, And how we pranked her; what a blast! Do you... (more »)
Bubble girl
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There once was a girl made entirely from bubbles, Throughout her short life, she had a great many troubles. She was born from a plastic container, But, being mistaken for dish soap, died in sink strainer. Now tell me the difference between her... (more »)
lasting Love
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Where does my love belong should it be shown written in a song how do I know it is true and won't leave me feeling blue I want love to last long (more »)
Mend Me
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Thoughts of you fill my mind nothing but anger, yet it's a sign how can you do this be so cruel yet end in a kiss leaving nothing to console and nothing to control. Winter comes and goes cold seeping into more than just my cloths as... (more »)
God took my eyes
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There's so many beautiful things to see in the world. From different sights, adventures and views. But I only see black. God took away the beauty in this world for me. God took my family, God took my eyes. Birds chirp, leaves sway my... (more »)
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I can't sleep, the alarm clock ticks like my broken heart cracks looking at the photographs. I can't fight the past, or the future. You were my first; love of course. You held my hand when my feet couldn't withstand the weight that... (more »)
Rose Bush
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I fell upon a red rose bush. It pricked me in an ambush. I rocked along, sucking my thumb, I went utt-erly numb, As it gave me a little push. The rose bush was a lady, though very, very, shady. She wore a porcupine hat, And gave me a... (more »)
Cardboard Shackles
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Black and blue cardboard shackles. I sit tight while the with cackles. This game isn't fair! I sit in this chair. She will soon know of my hackles. (more »)
Just Gatsby
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Hello I am Gatsby, Great Gatsby you say? No I'm his cousin, Just Gatsby okay... I am just like him, At least that's what I am told, If only I could pay for college, When I was 18 years old. Do you see my home? It's... (more »)
A Sermon Interrupted
By , Edinboro, PA
Precariously perched on a bleacher sat a rotund, Catholic teacher. The bleachers did rumble, so she took a tumble and landed on top of the preacher. (more »)
insomnia for the broken
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So tired of pain Emotions just repeat again Living can feel just like my dream It's so unreal, to me it seems Everyone here is make believe Something only I perceive My life seems like an awful poem Rhyming because it feels like home... (more »)
Chopped Disappointment
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I tucked my smile underneath the pile of tissues that lays beneath my bed.The last time I seen it was saturated in disappoint, chopped into pieces. It skips like a stutter. Hiding from the world my tears form an earthquake of awkward moments. (more »)
Outside these Walls
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s a prisoner in your cold jail cell, surrounded by grey walls barred into the claustrophobic cubicle. I yanked at the cool, metal bars, my fingers numb, struggling to hold on, yet yearning to be free of the restraint I felt; so captivated.... (more »)
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