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Most Recent Limericks

Here are the most recent limericks:

Lazy Dog
By , Melbourne, FL
My dog is lazy He is pretty crazy He sleeps a lot In the same comfy spot Must be his lazy spot. (more »)
SpongeBob Square Pants
A square, yellow sponge in the sea He seems to be very happy With his friend, a star Sit in his boat car He is as as care free as can be (more »)
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This is a different kind of fairytale One about a boy and a girl. One without a beauty or a beast. One without a prince charming or a queen. Instead of mystical obstacles this couple was separated by thousands of miles But their love still... (more »)
The Graduation Contience
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I throw my cap high in the air. now I'm without a care. I graduated this stupid place. I want to say it to my teachers face. the ones that told me to drop out. I just want to shout. the stress is gone. I get to move on. (more »)
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On skies of tropic evening, broad and beryl-green,Above a tranquil sea of molten malachite, (more »)
The Desperate Feeling
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Whoosh! Whoosh! Go the Leaves, I stand and I roll up my sleeves, I was in the woods but I wasn’t here, Would others notice if I disappeared, I’M LOST I’M LOST I shout from my throat, No movement other than the leaves that float, A sign... (more »)
Jar of sad Honey
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There once was a mean crabby bunny he yelled and he screamed at his honey it shook and it cried as it fell down the side that poor little jar of sad honey (more »)
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The day the sun shines is the day ill be fine one day i will stop time so i can do evrything on my mind i tried one time but i got side tracked by the dispatch of crime one time its gonna bite me in the butt lets just hope she has a soft... (more »)
That Little Leprechaun
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There once was a leprechaun from Ireland Everyday he went to Holland He went to the store to buy some candy The candy tasted dandy That silly little leprechaun from Ireland (more »)
Man that went tanning
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There once was a man Who wanted to tan So he went to the bed But ended up all red So now that man doesn't tan (more »)
The Duck
By , Le center, MN
There once was a duck in a pond Who had a cute little wand Whenever she'd use it she'd sneeze She said "stop this now. Please, Oh, please" That strange duck from a pond (more »)
old Queen
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There was an old woman who frowned She even hated having a crown she had a boy who died she always did cry so every one was so so sad (more »)
There once was a Woman
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There once was a woman who never liked snowman she lived in a house that she shared with a mouse that sassy old woman (more »)
farm boy
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there once was a boy on a farm he started to feel alarmed the cows got out he started to pout oh the ol' boy on a farm (more »)
The Joy of Winter
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I wake up to the sound of quiet. Outside the children are having a riot. They run all around, There’s snow on the ground, The flakes are now part of the kids’ diet. The flecks fall soft on the ground. A winter wonderland I’ve found.... (more »)
San Franciscan Pride
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When the fog's rolling into the bay All the tourists, they just go away They say "What the heck is this? We think sunlight is bliss!" That's why we don't need them today! The neighborhood scene is just great the... (more »)
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