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matt the cat
By , Feasterville, PA
There once was a cat named Matt Who loved to wear his fancy hat but one day fell off a table and broke his waybill to matt with facy hat, i hope you dont become flat (more »)
False Vision
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Across me a beatiful girl- there I could see   I tried to look good, the very best I can be   Her eyes adjust   She shows disgust   I soon realize- she was not looking at me (more »)
man named stan
By , dracut, MA
There once was a funny old man His name sounded something like Dan He slept in a warm bed and lived in his shed Maybe his name was Stan (more »)
Drowning Though the pain
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when you drown you                             get this unbarring headache. It comes from the lost, Of oxygen and the thought That your life is slipping From your grasp as you slowly Start to give up and,  Then... (more »)
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Bigfoot, yowie and yeti; Stupid, hairy and sweaty. Hunters think that they’re clever, But the search lasts forever, So when the beast finds them he’s ready. (more »)
Farming in Things Fall Apart
By , Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Korea, Republic of
There once was a man named Okonkwo who said to suceed a yam I'll grow he buried some seeds then covered them in leaves that confusing old man named Okonkwo. (more »)
Crash Course of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
By , Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Korea, Republic of
There once was a man of Lower Niger, who oft wore the skin of a tiger. He killed off his son, shot his wife with a gun, that backwards man of Lower Niger. (more »)
Summation of Things Fall Apart
By , Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Korea, Republic of
There once was a man named Okonkwo who of social skills had nil. when asked to be nice he said thats a vice!! this confused the colonials Okonkwo (more »)
The Mountain
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There is a mountain high in the sky  the only way get there is to fly on top of the mountain people stand proud but they are not very loud  accomplishments are made throughout the day the ones who finish are the ones who stay (more »)
The Reward
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It all starts with practice Our opponents can’t distract us This is it There’s no time to quit We are going all in Waiting to win The reward Is what we scored   (more »)
summer golf
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Every spring I wait for the summer and for the pollen to clear the air, So I can go outside, golf without sneezing, and play without a care. Summer maybe hot in georgia, so I set my alarm for 7, Who needs a “good night's rest” when you... (more »)
Starting Over
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There was a mischievous little leprechaun Who we knew we couldn't count on. But one St. Patrick's Day he turned a new clover, He wanted to start all over, So he gave them all their own magical wand. (more »)
My brother
By , Rochester, NY
It is you that I hate So I will make you wait Even if we are late Don't exagerrate You don't have a date Or moving out of the state Now don't make me late Or retailate You will lose this debate (more »)
A Mother's love
By , Rochester, NY
You have always tried Even when I have cried You have been by my side You pushed me down the slide You taught me how to bike ride Now everyone worldwide Knows there is always an upside When you are by my side (more »)
Sleeping Skies
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Wings bloom, in an instant I flew above the skies- a godly view. The seraphs embrace I, the World, and Space, eyes open, hoping it was true. (more »)
Limerics Made On the Job
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There once was a guy at a store Who worked there but wanted no more. So he acted real tough, And yelled, "That's enough! I'm quitting to become a w***e!"   I was hanging out at the lake When... (more »)
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