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Girl in the Grass
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There once was a girl in the grass She often sat on her a88 She’d lay there and sleep as her mother would weep Oh what a lazy lass (more »)
Hate's Potential Triumph
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Pinches of pain litter across your skin, Prejudice's kiss never wearing thin, Discrimination of character stings, With bruised fingers you cling, While hate is a deadly force yearning for the win. (more »)
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She bit her tongue, sucked air through her teeth, she tired of being young, and continued to seethe. It made her bitter, deep down inside, not a quitter, she must abide. She cried hot tears, from her stone cold heart, she had many... (more »)
Secrets Rise
The traitor, filled with sins and lust, Hid his lies and they gathered dust. They crept through the cracks, Consuming and black, And ate his iron will like rust. (more »)
Limerick to Frog
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There once was a frog who liked to jog his best friend was a dog When they sat on a chair They cut their long hair Now the dog looks like a brown log (more »)
A Tender Releationship
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Chicken Tenders I choose To get through the blues I grew to love I felt like a dove Oh Chicken Tenders, I can't refuse! (more »)
By , Sheffield, OH
Fishing takes patience but it’s worth the wait. Cast the line, but done forget the bait. We often get dirty looks. When we land a fish on our hooks. That’s because people are unsure of the fishes fate. (more »)
By , Dubuque, IA
Why is there so much war? No one can put up with it anymore. They fight, day and night, many have seen the light. With fleeing people hungry and poor. Too many shootings of a gun, many decided to hide or run. Trying to flee, causing... (more »)
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Filled with water but really weird When spotted I have never cheered Supposedly good, My mom said it would I crunch, I frown, what can I say?   (more »)
The Boy From Hell
By , Fairbanks, AK
There once was a boy from hell Who was the only angel that fell He tried to get up But found he was stuck For his powers had been taken as well (more »)
The Real World
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Face the truth, the world is rough, You have no youth, your future’s a bluff. To get a job, you must get schooling, But as you get older, the work becomes grueling. And no you don’t always get what you want, And yes you’ll slowly feel... (more »)
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There was a very big llama Who was in a lot of drama They were mean But she was a queen And it gave her a lot of trauma. (more »)
Christmas Time
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Christmas time is coming near, All are filled with laughter and cheer. Families hang up their lights,  Wait everyday for Christmas night and the sounds of the happy reindeer.  (more »)
You scare me
By , Conneaut Lake, PA
You scare me, The way you move and the way you see. All the lying, And the time you spent trying, To keep you plea, Guilty free from me. (more »)
Love Runs Thick
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Adrenaline surges through your body quite quick. Her eyes glow in a gaze, making your blood run thick. Your heart flies like a shooting star. A drug addiction quite bizarre. Vast endings, but be careful some might make you sick. (more »)
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my banana is broken and brown it is probably because my lunch kit got thrown around now i don't have a lunch and it feels like my stomach got a punch so today will be the day my not-eating chicken-strips streak goes away (more »)
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