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Here are the most recent limericks:

Broken Promises
By , Lexington, KY
As the days drag by, I wish I could fly. I hate this prison cell, My never ending, living Hell.   WIshing I could take wing, But to the ground, my feet still cling. Stuck in this world, A cold lonely girl.   Lost and... (more »)
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The Liar Beast
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There was a man from the East Who once turned into a beast. The large creature cried "I am sorry I have lied!" And he was no longer considered a beast. (more »)
Timeless Lies
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We lie and trick More times than a clock can tick We whisper and hush After we spill what others have gushed We sneak around and never lift our ear from the ground Our souls are so lost they may never be found (more »)
Mirror, Mirror
By , DeBary, FL
Mirror, Mirror on the wall Were you put there to watch me fall? Mirror, Mirror on the wall I will never be the fairest of them all. “Thinner, Thinner!” I hear it scream. Oh just what could that old mirror mean? “Thinner,... (more »)
Ruined By Dawn
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She had a wild demeanor Wind in her hair, As though afloat! And nose in the air; Always so calm, yet so lively; So unlike her when she whispered something shyly It seemed like I had known her forever But she was still as big a... (more »)
What Used To Be
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He's coming to pick her up He still does that?] My brother doesn't come pick me up Anymore (more »)
Snap Out Of Remembering
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Snap out of it Snap out of the rhetoric, the reverie, the remembering Snap out of wondering why and questioning lies Snap out of it, Butterfly, before you lose yourself in tears tonight Forget the pain he put you through Forget the... (more »)
To Grandmother's House We Go
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All around the winding, dust road To Grandmother's house we go In Uncle's truck with the windows down The trees are hanging low I love this place It stays the same I love to look at my Grandmother's face So all around the winding,... (more »)
Tears Cause a Disintegrated Mind
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First, it’s slowly falling, leaving a path behind. Then it falls faster, disintegrating the mind. So cold and heartless, chilling the heart beyond. Still falling silently, leaving the lips without response. Nothing in the world,... (more »)
Stone Path
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As I walk down this stone path, things roll through my mind. Now that you are truly gone, I know I crossed the line. Those things I said, I never meant, I was just a mess. But now that you are truly gone, I feel lonely and hopeless.... (more »)
Creatures of the Night
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Through the dark night The owls take flight Gliding and swooping Before the first light A firm breeze The whisper of trees And the hoot of the owls Before the mice flee (more »)
Story of the Hooligan
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a young lad lived in a castle  the cooks he gave such a hastle that when he did steal they made up a deal arsenic cake for the rascal (more »)
Pandora's Box
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my feelings are trapped in a box a box that has several locks Pandora unlocked it and got quite a shock now the whole world is weighted with rocks (more »)
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One. The king. Hot red intensity. Two. The wildcard. Bright pink emotion. Three. The joker. Random orange fun. Four. The queen. Smothering purple love. Five. The jack. Surprising blue chivalry. Six. The ace. All-consuming black... (more »)
One People
Roses are red violets are blue I really wish what I just heard was not true He was a black man I am a white girl Just like a black diamond and a white pearl. Both are worth a whole lot of money But society has to go and make one dark and one... (more »)
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I Pledge Allegiance
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I pledge allegiance to no skin but to the United States of America and to the Republic although it may fall we are one nation under some sort of God divisible over what is really liberty and justice for all (more »)
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