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Here are the most recent limericks:

Mrs. Moe
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I knew someone named Moe and little did she know that she'd fall in love soon with a stinky haired baboon Woah Mrs. Moe (more »)
Wheres My Hand?
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  There’s an old man searching the sand Digging holes to find his right hand Stolen by a blue dog Hiding behind a log Who watched the man dig up the land (more »)
Yolanda The OG Snake
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Yolanda, You should have killed yourself in the car Now you’re living your sad life through bars You know you really are the biggest snake Ladies who scam learn from you, because you really are the greatest fake You ruined mexican music... (more »)
Cup and the Cripple
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I set my cup on the table I place it like a noble I saw the cup shaking without people I leap backward and saw a cripple He was propping on the table, trying to be stable (more »)
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They brought revolution, They brought a new age, They spark a new way of thinking, They bring war every day, They’re corrupt and careless, They’re vile and rude, It would be an astonishment to see their thought in the truth Light... (more »)
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The colors of the wind they sing, They have brought life to everything, Open your ears, open your heart,  You can hear them now, You can hear them start to sing, Of a child, of a woman, of a man, You can hear them sing about everything,... (more »)
Remind me
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Remind me why I am still here Remind me why I hide my deepest fears Why it is so hard for this struggle to be contained Why it is so hard to conceal what is hidden underneath Remind me why I keep fighting on Remind me why I stay in the... (more »)
Save the Earth
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Our Earth is a very important place, It is important that it has a pretty face. Don't litter trash anywhere, And don't pollute our air. Let's work together to beautify this space.   (more »)
the ball
By , shawnee mission, KS
A ball, oh so Round Always there just laying Around Brings kids so much Joy Even though it is just a Toy Always getting kicked and Throwed So sad about being borrowed Does the ball have feelings Too? Maybe it wishes to live... (more »)
Loving Yourself
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Loving yourself is hard. You think your fat like lard. Your friends are there for you,  but it's hard to be there for yourself too. I have learned how to love's hard. (more »)
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I don't like to lie, I'm fat! Some days I just want to hide under a mat. I haven't learned how to love myself. Because I'm not small like an elf. I just want to disapear under a hat. (more »)
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I'm not small,  and that causes names to be called. I don't know how to love myself, because I don't know if I love myself. I feel judgement from all. (more »)
No More Poetry
By , Salisbury, MD
Two poets couldn’t agree, So, the king made a decree. No more poetry, he said. The poets were filled with dread And so, the poets made their plea.  (more »)
My Sister's Cat
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My sister just got a cat I was not happy about that It runs through the house While chasing a mouse Desttroying my habitat  (more »)
the pain inside of me
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I listen to the rain I feel it wash my pain It tames and calms my storms It destroys but then reforms I watch as water pours I fight to hold back more I cry out on my knees I beg to be left be I need time to heal these wounds... (more »)
Guy from there
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there was a guy from there  he had very weird hair he sat on my lawn  and let out a yawn  i couldn't help but stare (more »)
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