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Here are the most recent limericks:

How they could.
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No one understood, How they could, Why would they? They took my heart and hit it with a plank of wood, No one knew, No one could, Anxiety is in the soul, You do not always see it when you look at the whole picture, Much bigger then you... (more »)
My Shoes
By , Newark, DE
The bottoms are icy clean The midsole is olive green The main part is tangerine Had these since I was fourteen Makes you jump like a trampoline This is a shoe you've never seen I can't believe this was made by a machine It's shaped... (more »)
Dead Family
By , Smyrna, DE
There was once a guy with a shoe He liked to play an old kazoo But one day he choked, and fell down and croaked, because he wanted to compete with the kazoo. His son found the kazoo, He choked on it too, When his wife found out, She... (more »)
White Out
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The blizzard is white we can’t see right the temperature below 0 we are bundled head to toe. (more »)
You repeat it twice?
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I am in a bind, Loosing my mind, You ask me once, You ask me twice, Each day I eat rice and hide from mice, Livin Life civil right? You beg me once, You repeat it twice, Runaway towards the cypher, I'll just get life-r. (more »)
By , Fort collins, CO
There was a soldier with a gun Who said war was no fun Joined the military when he was just eighteen The military turned him into a killing machine. (more »)
I will protect you
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I am the guardian of your heart Nothing shall hurt you while I’m around So worry not my little sweetheart You are my protection until the end of my countdown You never asked for it but it is my responsibility As I care about your... (more »)
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I am feeling so tired but I can't sleep I was on my phone for too long I believe All my friends have closed their eyes and dreamt away While I'm here worried bout tomorrow being Monday I just want to sleep so I can get up early Tomorrow I... (more »)
The Ultimate Insult
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Waiting for a bus delayed, The minds of twenty men were frayed.   In came a crippled aged beggar, His shirt was torn and eyes as hard as cedar.   All gave the beggar a measly dollar, Gruntled he tugged his collar.   And... (more »)
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“Can't wait to see you tomorrow!” Rachel said, giving me lilac. The flower smells sweet, like candy, or sugar, but you have to dig your nose deep to smell the goodness. Ellie turns to look at me and gives me a hug. “Yeah, it's supposed to... (more »)
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Dear Special Someone,
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Eyes as dark as toffee, Accent as strong as coffee. Hair as black as coal, Your words ignite my soul. You give me happiness. You give me confidence. I yearn for your assurance. I yearn for your laughter. I love your smile. I... (more »)
By , Madison, WI
  Celeste is a really good friend I’ll be by her side till the end When we hang out we have fun When we say goodbye I’m never done Our personalities really just blend (more »)
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Studying for days,words fly through the air Definitions, names, all memorized with care Yet when that blank sheet is placed The information is erased Leaving the panic on my face quite bare (more »)
Of Life And Learning
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Every day I wish they should have been there with me, I hope they wish the same; When I was growing up- trying to be a gentlewoman, I wish they taught me the rules of the imperfection game. But they were never here. so I taught myself... (more »)
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In Sickness
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 Coughing,sneezing Asthmatically wheezing Drowning inside No water in sight Sickness is not aesthetically pleasing (more »)
Rainy day
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On a rainy day I like to stare at each drop that falls upon my window and picture them each as little worlds slowly falling to their end at the bottom of the window. The drops at the higher points of my window are prosperous and in their... (more »)
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