Drowning Though the pain

March 29, 2018
By WinterRain BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
WinterRain BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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when you drown you                          
  get this unbarring headache.
It comes from the lost,
Of oxygen and the thought
That your life is slipping
From your grasp as you slowly
Start to give up and, 
Then the pain disappeared as
You go through the memories.
As you slowly fade away.

I’m drowning in this
The pool of blood as my scars and
Cutes cut through me
Like the words, you say behind
My back as I try
To cover them with band-aids
Only for them to
To get ripped off from the stress.

The unbarring pain
Is getting worse as I lose
hope.Hope that one day
Everything will go away.

As I sit here with
These weights tried to my ankles
I start to go through
The memories as they slip
From my grasp

As I sit in the corner
And slit my wrist as
The blood runs down my arm all
I think about is
how much happier everyone
else will feel when I'm gone

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