Lust or Love?

January 17, 2018

Her eyes, a flawless hazel hue,?
Tells lies, you’d never be able to evince untrue.?Ravishing Compassion is found deeply seated in her veins,?
Little does she know, she’s the reason for my writhing pain.?
Her presence never fails to lift my spirits-- up from down low,?
Lust or love? I’m yet to know.?
She fights, screams, growls and hurls,?
More fiercely than any of the other girls,
?Still I keep hoping she’ll stay,?–Intimate with me, every step of the way.?
Makes the frequency of my heartbeats unbelievably slow,?
Lust or love I’m yet to know.?
She’s got me feeling lifeless,?
Will this state of mine, ever make progress??
Her diabolical essence has held me captive,?
How could I ever have found this attribute attractive??I want her for better or for worse,?
Oh dear lord, it’s a wretched curse.?
With her devilish smile, there’s an angelic glow...
?Love or lust? I’ll never know.?

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