Life of envy

January 17, 2018

Envious looks are given,?
She wants to live the life the other girls living.?
She examines her own hair, untamed and full of damage,?
The rest of the world has already proclaimed her as a savage.?
The other girls posses dresses laced with jewels,?which are given to them by Love-sick fools.?
But who would love this unfortunate girl??
Would anyone ever adorn her with pearls?
?Or will all she’ll ever receive is insults hurled??
A little lost, wants a little more,
?Doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life mopping floors.?
She tries to fill her belly with the leftovers from another’s plate,?
But the only thing the almighty provided her with, was this fate.?
She is full of ambition in her heart,?
And yet, she’s still waiting, and desperately seeking a new start.?

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