What is Christmas?

December 4, 2017
By cchachere BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
cchachere BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Christmas is a time of great joy
But all kids seem to remember is a toy
Santa Claus is taught in school
Instead of Jesus Christ who should rule
We are taught of presents
Instead of all of our blessings
We only focus on the chilly weather
Instead of the frankincense and myrrh
Jesus gave us the ultimate sacrifice
And for this we should always think twice
Instead of thinking of our presents
We should focus on our remembrance
Christ should be the center of our festivities
Instead of all of the Christmas activities
For on this night Christ was born
And for this we should adorn
Forget about what Santa will bring
And focus on our one and only king
Christ should be the focus of our Christmas
Instead of all the Santa business

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yes, very good

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