Remind me

May 9, 2017

Remind me why I am still here
Remind me why I hide my deepest fears
Why it is so hard for this struggle to be contained
Why it is so hard to conceal what is hidden underneath
Remind me why I keep fighting on
Remind me why I stay in the wrong
Why I keep telling myself everything will be fine
But I stick to the shadows where the sun doesn’t shine
Remind me why I hold my tears
Remind me why my pain is so vivid and clear
Why it is so hard for me to get up and run
Why it is so hard for me to say that I’m done
Remind me why I still keep holding on
To a rope that’s been cut for far too long
Remind me why I can’t seem to let go
Of the hope that's been shattered and brought me so low
Remind me why I dream no more
Why I keep to myself and lock all my doors
Remind me why I block people out
Why I fill myself with so much self doubt
Remind me why I push too far
Why I cross all the lines and set off alarms
Remind me why I have taken a chance
To confide in people who just don't understand
Remind me why I’m still here right now
Why I have buried my feelings to where they can not be found
Remind me why I just let these emotions hide
Remind me why I keep asking myself why
Why don't I make myself fight?
Why don't I turn from darkness and walk towards the light?
Remind me, why, why, why?

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