Rainbow Series: Red

April 7, 2017
By 13Oli13 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
13Oli13 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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"Sometimes you've gotta fall before you fly, we're gonna work it out." -Sleeping With Sirens

Our face as we feel your embarrassment and shame
When you poke fun but don’t know our name
My heart as it beats faster and faster
The silence as you cause a disaster
The color of your targets as you better your aim

The apple you had for breakfast this morning
Our hearts when we’re in love and soaring
Your cheeks as you see us with our mate
Your eyes as you see not everyone is straight
Your words as you speak your warning

Enjoying life and finding our first love
You, spitting at us every crude word you think of
Your bullets as you batter us with hate
Our life is not one you dictate
You can’t choose who we love

The color as we stand strong and ignore the bruise
The fire inside us as we live how we choose
Your eyes as you see you have no control over us
Our hearts beating strong as we ignore you cuss
The color of our soul as we live the life we choose

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