The Tortoise That Thought he Could Swim

March 31, 2017
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There once was a tortoise
who thought that he could swim
So everyday he went to play
But in the end it looked grim

This tortoise was resilient
And he would never give up
By the pond he’d stay till he found a way
In the water he would jump

Then out again to the river bank
He’d lay down on the ground
But cold and wet the tortoise felt
Shivering without a sound

This tortoise loved the warmth of fire
But he wasn't very smart
So without a second thought about it
He went and lit a spark

And at this moment, yes that tortoise
was proud as he could be
Until something inside said run and hide
He thought, maybe I should flee

While pondering his big mistake
He saw the error of his ways
But before he could blow out the spark
He was blasted far away

When he looked out from his shell
He was high up in the sky
Now he wasn't a tortoise that could swim
But one that could now fly

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Lawsuit369 said...
Apr. 4 at 12:00 am
@3lisha2002 This make the point that we should think about our actions before we do them but still manages to be witty.It is a hilarious limerick that left me satisfied and dying from laughter at the end!
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