What rhymes with title?

March 8, 2017
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Finding a word that rhymes
Is as hard as asking a mime
Leaving both of us in silence
All I’m asking for is compliance
Is this even worth my time

This project is splitting my head into thirds
I wish I was free as birds
Though this pen is keeping me grounded
But if I don’t finish this project, I actually might be grounded
I don’t know what to do because all I can see are words.

I’m trying to find a good flow
But what is coming up is I don’t know
Sitting in my chair, not knowing what to do
Great ideas have gone long overdue
All I know is that this project kinda blows

Maybe I’ve been too much of a critic
Or I could be a bit too analytic
Right now, I am writing my fourth stanza
Trying to make this poem an extravaganza
I won’t go into specifics

But with a little bit of practice
Your words won’t come out like you ate a cactus
Once  I sat and worked it out
I was left without a doubt
All that these words do, is enchant us

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