The Nightmares of Students

March 7, 2017
By 13Oli13 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
13Oli13 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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For hours a day just we just sit and wait,
Knowing very well they don’t know the weight,
The stress pulling us down, down in the dumps,
Focus now and you won’t be a chump,
“Eat, sleep, live school, no time for a date”,

Beware of school, there is no escape,
With homework and tests, it’s all checkmate,
Alone at night or in the showers we cry,
While some have it worse, they wish they’d die,
They think they teach, but they just dictate,

Times are different now from then,
With no will to even bring a pen,
It’s no wonder students are stressed,
They think they’re cursed but told they’re blessed,
We all feel fried, every now and then,

Welcome to school, we will teach you well,
Sounds like a lie, instead “Welcome to hell?”
Dropouts with no chance of success,
Left to a life filled with distress,
It’s a game of life, though who would tell?

This needs to change, here and now,
If only they would say “I allow”,
With so many problems this needs to stop,
Treat us like people, we aren’t slop,
It’s time for a change, let’s start now.

The author's comments:

As a junior in high school, the stress of the life of a student has started taking its toll. This poem helps release the pent up anger I have for the pressure of school.

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