The look of the dead

February 17, 2017
By stevon BRONZE, Alvord, Texas
stevon BRONZE, Alvord, Texas
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  As she lay there book unread, she had a look of sadness and dread.

For we had known it was a long time coming,
it was us who did the running.

As we watched her grow cold and chilled,
we had hoped it wasn’t real.

She would have told us not to be afraid,
but she also said how she wouldn’t come back from the grave.

She would have known what to do,
it was as if she was there too.

Years have passed since that day,
and there are some things she would still say.

She would say”you will know what I’ve been through,
Someday it will happen to you.”

Those words were the last she said,
before she left, a spirit of the dead.

Now I visit her grave every year and say the words,
“I’m so sorry dear.”

The author's comments:

What inspired me was a beatiful poem about a Seaman who died  

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