Where peace is found

February 1, 2017

I’ve lived my life in a fantasy
Denying truth, running from reality
Believing lies and faking happiness
While deep inside I hide my brokenness
I am burdened with insecurity
I am faithless, there is no hope in me
I am struck, stuck under water
Rising up, then I’m pushed down further
Gasping for air, choking on my life
Begging for help, but it just passes by
Darkness creeps behind my eyes
The cuts on my arms give me less time
All love is lost, taken and washed away
I must let go of hope, so I can watch the pain fade
I am wounded far worse, to where I cannot heal
For wanting to be loved was my achilles heel
I was taken advantage of, then thrown away
I choke on the words that is hard for me to say
So I write it down, hoping that my struggles could be slain
But anger arrives, awakening the flame
Burning the bridges that were built on trust
Pushing away the ones I had loved
Taking the pain then throwing it back
Temporary getaways starting to lack
I try to fight to keep myself sane
But all these emotions have become untame
They grasp my hands and pull me down
They won't give up until I lie in the ground
Secrets buried along with me
Where peace is found in endless sleep

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