mirror mirror

February 2, 2017

I search in the mirror I see the fear
A reflection of a person I used to love so dear
I shift my gaze not able to stand
To look at the person who looks like me but is not who I am
I see the dark circles underneath the eyes
I see the longing to self satisfy
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is this person whom I have become?
Where has this anger and fear come from?
I conceal the tiredness of my eyes
My emotions hide behind a mask
To where this dreadfulness can be disguised
People ask for the truth
But I say I am fine
I need no one to stand beside
Mirror mirror against the wall
Mirror mirror what is my call?
Why have I suffered so much pain and loss?
Why did I walk down this path of darkness,
When I knew it would be too much of a cost?
Is it possible to keep this anger and fear away?
Or will it alway linger at bay?
Is it possible for me to dry these tears?
Or will they always stay so close and near?
Mirror mirror against the wall
Tell me tell me tell me it all

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