yours ours and mine

February 2, 2017

He looks into me with those deep dark eyes
He holds on tight with his hand in mine
The warmth of his touch melts on my skin
The warmth of his love wants our time never to end
He pulls me in close and whispers three little words
He holds onto me and swears he’ll never let go
He makes me feel special in a way no one else can
He allows  me to be who I really am
The adoration in his eyes makes me melt even more
The love in his heart patches me up when I feel broken and torn
There is something about this love that we share
Two halves that make a whole
Two halves that shall never tear
The stories of love that we all have been told
Cannot explain enough how true love cannot be sold
Love is priceless and will always be
You will learn someday it is not just a want
Love is a need
We will carry it with us till the end of time
And I pray and I hope we will always have
Yours, ours, and mine

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