October 19, 2016
By TheVoilentCatastrophe GOLD, Mumbai, Other
TheVoilentCatastrophe GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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Where is the freedom
When it comes to girls?
Why can’t I go where I like?
Why can’t I wear mini skirts?

Why am I shamed
For doing what I want?
Why am I blamed aimlessly,
And am always the prey of taunts?

Why can’t I talk to boys,
Without the society thinking otherwise?
Why can’t I stand tall and proud,
Without a hater shaming me with lies?

Why can’t I drink and party?
Why is that a characterless thing for me to do?
And why is it okay if the ‘men’ do so?
Don’t there allegations apply on them, too?

Why can’t I walk on dark streets
Without my heart pounding with fear?
Why do I feel unsafe and endangered
With only male companions near?

Will they always overpower me?
Will I never be able to walk around men without feeling anxious?
Will I always feel the threat of violent blames?
Even when I do nothing ferocious?

    Please make it stop.
Please don’t think of me as a man’s tool.
I’m only here to smile, just to enjoy..
Please don’t label me as a man’s tool.
   Where is my freedom?

The author's comments:

The recent events of my life brought out this. 

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