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October 9, 2016
By TheVoilentCatastrophe GOLD, Mumbai, Other
TheVoilentCatastrophe GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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‘Forevers’ and promises,

the biggest lies ever told,

Breaks hearts, wounds souls

Turns a person brutally cold.


What is forever?

Could someone explain to me please?

Does it mean being supreme and powerful?

So much that you’ll never cease?


Does it mean the Almighty

Wouldn’t ever let you leave the ground?

Or does it mean you’ll disappear

Somewhere never to be found?

In this temporary world

Does forever really exist?

Do people really mean it,

Or is it spoken as a blurry mist?


Because I see lovers everyday

Promising each other ‘forevers’

But amidst those letters all I can see

Are lies to convince each other.


To convince each other that they love deeply,

that their love and them will outlive the sunshine and moon,

To convince each other of some deceitful myths

which they’ll realize are lies, very soon.


Cause forever is just another fake promise,

A promise that can never be fulfilled,

Forever is just a blunt lie

at which people are extremely skilled.


Promises are meant to be broken,

Forevers are meant to end,

But who would believe these words of mine?

Their broken hearts don’t want to mend.


They want the pain to stay,

Raw and bleeding and destructing…Propagating about the brutal pain,

never understanding it was meant to happen

All because of their love so vain

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