Horoscopes Were Made For Dopes

September 23, 2016
By Tutore GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
Tutore GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Horoscopes were made for dopes
Surely they were just a joke?
They tell you to pick and choose
that way you cannot lose!
A month wide range is supposed to decide
that I am an emo, touchy guy?
But pick and choose I hear them shout!
That’s what horoscopes are all about!
I guess i'm changeable, intuitive, imaginative, and sympathetic,
but 4/14 is pretty pathetic.
Mine matched a lot they insist
it's about time those people accept horoscopes are bull...crap.
They use general words like touchy
so the masses can go “that is so me!”
Horoscopes were made for dopes
Some people can’t recognize a joke.

The author's comments:

We were doing an activity about horoscopes in class and we were told to write a poem about how your horoscopes represented you, however I have always had an issue with pseudoscience self fulfilling prophecies like horoscopes so I wrote this. And no I am not calling everyone who believes them stupid, I hope the last line tipped that off but I just wanted to poke some fun at horoscopes. Im a cancer for those who are wondering, ironically I think this kind of matches up with "what a cancer would do".

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