Out of the Blue

March 14, 2016
By Jenna5 SILVER, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey
Jenna5 SILVER, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey
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“It’s so out of the blue,”
they said when they found out who
had committed suicide.
That’s because they had only seen the outside.
He had so many friends
and a loving, caring girlfriend.
He loved lacrosse and basketball
and he was so handsome and tall.
He always got straight A’s
and his 18th birthday was only a few days away.
He didn’t show any signs.
He seemed happy and at the very least fine.
That’s why when they found out who,
everyone thought it was so out of the blue.
Except him.
He was the only one who saw the grim
and depressing reality.
He was the only one who lived that reality.
He constantly wished that his girlfriend
was a boyfriend.
After finding out, his “friends”
backstabbed him in the end.
He played sports in spite
of his hatred for them and his height.
He did in fact get straight A’s,
but he dreaded his 18th birthday that was a few days away.
He showed countless signs.
He was so unhappy and far from fine.
They always say it’s so “out of the blue” when they find out who
even though that’s just a timeless phrase that is never true.

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