February 22, 2014
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Snow is beautiful, Snow is cold, Snow can take you to places completely unknown. Up in the clouds eager to fall Snow is like a playful child curious and small. When Snow falls from the clouds it’s a beautiful sight covering everything it touches in a blanket of white. So beautiful and new, this strange white world it draws us to it we care not that it’s cold. Snow is like a hunter and you its captive try all you might you’ll still find it attractive. Like a bee to a flower or a child to a kitten the reason Snow draws us remains completely hidden. Perhaps how it’s new? Untouched, unexplored? Whatever it is, Snow is a powerful lore.
Snow causes change in more ways than one. Snow is delightful, charming, exquisite and fun. All who lay eyes are changed in some way, for children it’s inspiration for imagination and play. For adults who are grown and say are no longer a child at the first sight of snow they can’t help but smile. Their childhood returns and once again they play, snowballs and angels and sledding on trays. Their children look at them a bit shocked but happy then join in the fun playing snow games and laughing.
With age comes wisdom, for many this is when curiosity no longer plays. Instead you have experience learned from many mistakes and childhood memories from when Snow and you once played. As you sit by the window in the safety of your house, you watch outside at Snow falling to the ground. You see the kids playing, you watch “Adults” be young and you smile to yourself as you remember how Snow and you had so much fun.
Like a brother or sister to its sibling Rain. Snow at some point must go away, but though Snow is gone what was shared still last. The memories, the fun, the joys and the laughs. Snow parts leaving a gift, a treasure that last for many years to come it’s the gift of the past.

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