The monster

September 25, 2013
There is a monster
A horrible nightmare
It lingers the path I tread
With feet leaving no trace
And a heart filled with mace
I wish to believe it were dead
It creeps and it sneaks
Hithers and thithers
Just out of my view it fled
Gnarling gnashing
Thundering smashing
'Nothing to fear' it said
Glowing eyes and a nightly disguise
Rubble and debree led to me
Emptiness under the bed
Firery hair and sharpened teeth
Dusty but nothing underneath
What I most dread
The monster I know
Is me in anger displaying a show

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caseymarie said...
Sept. 26, 2013 at 8:33 pm
I love that quote and you did a really good job with the poem too! I love it a lot! Keep it up(:
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